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What's TechniArtist?

TechniArtist Media is a small web design firm located just outside of South Bend, Indiana dedicated to assisting businesses and non-profit organizations break through the myth of the scary internet by creating profitable website solutions that produce results.

While providing low cost solutions, we also keep our designers informed of new and emerging technologies to ensure that our websites are both visually pleasing and functionally sound through today's needs and into tomorrow's.

"Our goal is to provide solutions for the people in business. That means a personal touch. That means communication."

- Patrick McIntire
Owner & Senior Designer

The primary focus at TechniArtist Media is creating custom websites and internet presentations for small to medium sized business across Michiana through Northwestern Indiana and Southwestern Michigan. Though, our services are only truly limited by the binds of the internet – which pretty much deems our reach limitless.

We pride ourselves on being 100% Template Free. We do not build websites based on purchasable templates from the internet. Our sites are unique and original.

Our Sites Are:

100% Template Free
100% Fast Loading
100% Rights Cleared

As well, TechniArtist Media extends discounts to non-profit organizations and independent artists including musicians, galleries, and filmmakers.

The History

TechniArtist Media has been around since way before the dot-com boom.

We were established in 1999 by an up-and-coming media guru (Patrick A. McIntire) who has been creating quality advertising design for area businesses as a side job since 1995.

Website Shopper's Tip #11

Anymore it seems every guy and his dog are professional web designers. Don't rip yourself off.

Choose a provider who is established and professional.

Since then we have continually developed our palette of services from Print Design to Internet Media, Flash Animation and Search Engine Optimization.

Our defining principal is currently and always has been to not rip the customer off. It seems that every guy and his dog are professional web designers these days, and it is our goal to help you separate us from the phonies.

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